Christine Blackwell, equine activist from the USA, launched the Hang A Halter campaign last year as a way to draw attention to the horse slaughter issue. Her original idea involved hanging a halter from the grill of her pick up truck. When people stopped to ask her about it she used it as an opportunity to tell them about the thousands of horses who are killed every year in North America for meat. ACE encourages everyone to find their own best way to "Hang A Halter" in memory of every horse sent to slaughter. 

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Get a stylish conversation piece that offers value and purpose! These necklaces feature a synthetic animal friendly cord and an engraved medallion (zamac and silver plate) with the image of a halter and the words "Hang A Halter". Manufactured in Spain. Limited supply in stock. Expect four weeks until delivery if ordering when ACE is out of stock.

$60 Canadian including tax and shipping. All proceeds divided equally between ACE and Hang A Halter campaign.