Every membership in ACE is a vote in favour of creating a better future for our horses. By joining you are helping to build a stronger community of like-minded equestrians who can impact the industry in positive ways. Below is a list of the current benefits we offer. As we grow, more benefits will be included. Our focus is to be a voice for equestrians not currently belonging to an association and for those who feel the existing associations do not reflect their values. We are 100 percent volunteer driven, non-profit and committed to full transparency.

"It is such a relief to be part of an equestrian association that is aligned more closely with my values." Melissa Monteith
“I'm looking forward to the online educational sessions!" Maura Vendrig

"I hope other people will also see the benefit to this so we can get more discounts and services. It's a good idea." Gabrielle Naylor
"I like that ACE includes all disciplines and it puts the welfare of the horse first." Charlotte Uhrich


  • Online Member's Forum

  • Discounts on Products and Services

  • Business to Business Networking

  • Free Admission to Annual Meeting Forum

  • Free Advertising

  • Voting Privileges

  • Access to Meeting Minutes and Financial Record

  • Online Educational Sessions

  • Equine Identification Papers & Registration in the IHR Database

Blue Sky Horse Radio

Online Community Radio: Horses & other world relative events. Equine advocacy based. Thursdays 12-1 PM EST. KW & Cambridge: 102.7 FM online SoundFM.ca

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