After you have completed your ACE membership application you will receive a membership number. You can then use that number to register with IHR free of charge, or receive your discount.

When you register with IHR you will be provided with a Certificate of Registration and a registration number. IHR also encourages you to tattoo your horse’s lip with the initials IHR and your equine registration number. IHR keeps detailed permanent records in their own secure data so any future owners will have access to a variety of details including, but not limited to, health, habits, disciplines and training. This information is tracked because horses worldwide are deserving of the best chance possible to be understood by each of their owners, and in turn be as successful as possible in all partnerships. Ideally, this process will begin with the breeder, but we can all do our part now so moving forward a detailed, accurate history can be provided when buying or selling an equine.


Each registration certificate clearly states, "This horse was not bred for slaughter".

Two Year Membership includes registration in IHR

One Year Membership includes 25% off registration

Partridge Horse Hill

Partridge Horse Hill is an equestrian facility in Pontypool, Ontario (central to Port Perry, Lindsay, Millbrook, and Oshawa). It is the home of the Natural Horsemanship Association and President Lindsey Partridge.

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