FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

I don't really understand the role and purpose of this new association, can you explain that to me?

Many equestrians have expressed frustration that our existing associations either openly support the slaughter of horses for human consumption, or they simply ignore it. In addition, more equestrians are interested in things like natural horsemanship and horse care, as well as other disciplines not typically well represented by existing organizations. Changes are also needed within the industry to offer horses more protection from exploitation, to create greater accountability, and to co-ordinate the efforts of rescue groups. We believe that leading by example is one of the best ways to create change and that is what ACE intends to do. By joining you will quite literally BE THE CHANGE!

I support groups such as CHDC (Canadian Horse Defense Coalition) how is this different?

First and foremost ACE is an equestrian association. That means our main job is to represent the interests of our members. When you join, you will be given a membership number and will be able to vote at the annual general forum and on other important business. We will apply for registration as a federal non-profit corporation when our numbers warrant taking that step. In the meantime, business will be conducted as if we are incorporated. You will have access to minutes of meetings and the financial statement.

Will this association take away from the efforts of those groups?

Having an equestrian association that fully supports the concerns of horse advocacy groups will help to further their cause not take anything away from them.


How can people participate if they live all over the country (and USA)? 

ACE will offer on-line discussions and meeting formats to ensure that every one who wants to participate can do so. One of our goals is to establish a network of Volunteer Co-ordinators.

How can I be sure my membership fee will be used responsibly?

Zero dollars from membership fees will be spent on anything until we reach our budget goal for our bank account. At that time you will be given the chance to vote on how a portion of the money will be used. Please see the document "ACE GOALS - 2017" under the Members Only tab in the main menu for more information on this subject. This document will be available to non-members for a limited time.

In what other ways can I benefit from joining?

Membership includes:

  • a chance to help change the industry from within

  • discount on equine identification papers and registration in the IHR database

  • a growing list of discounted products and services

  • free advertising

  • free admission to the annual general forum

  • member-only online support forum

  • access to unique resources

Is it hypocritical to be against horse slaughter and eat meat? 

Most people on this continent oppose the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption and still eat meat. It is no less consistent to eat meat and oppose the slaughter of horses. Some of our members are vegan and some are not - you don't need to be vegan to join ACE and no one will judge you either way.

Why does ACE oppose horse slaughter?

Condoning slaughter for human consumption puts all horses at risk. In addition, the acceptance of slaughter as a necessary part the equine industry serves as a barrier to accountable ownership and breeding practices. The issue of food safety is equally concerning. Not surprisingly, documented reports of banned substances in horse meat continue to occur because horses are routinely given medications toxic to humans. There is an over abundance of information available to support ACE's position but, as we see all too often in business and politics, change is slow and difficult to secure.