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The creators of this "fledgling" company bring you original and sassy skirts, brooches, hair ties, earrings and beautifully designed reusable food wraps. Best of all, horse lover Katrina and her business partner Kristine are happy to support ACE by offering our members a 10% discount.

Lindsey has made a name for herself retraining OTTBs using natural horsemanship techniques. She will generously deduct 25% from your first riding lesson at her facility in Omemee, Ontario - Partridge Horse Hill. PHH is the home of Harmony Horsemanship and the Natural Horsemanship Association.

Breanna has "A" Circuit experience and rode with Hugh Graham in her youth. She is also a registered social worker and yoga instructor. Breanna practices holistic healing with humans and horses alike. She will deduct 10% from your Equine Raindrop Therapy session if you are an ACE member.

Creating a detailed history and accurate identification system for your horse is not only the responsible thing to do, it may save his or her life one day. International Horse Registry (IHR) & Home of the Equine Alert System is kindly providing 25% off this valuable service to our members.

Partridge Horse Hill

Partridge Horse Hill is an equestrian facility in Pontypool, Ontario (central to Port Perry, Lindsay, Millbrook, and Oshawa). It is the home of the Natural Horsemanship Association and President Lindsey Partridge.

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