Sargon's Story

If you only read one page on this website please read this one. Kim wants people to know how special Sargon was and that he touched many lives.​ Sadly, Sargon's Story is not uncommon.

Sargon was a stunning dark bay thoroughbred gelding who was born in Kentucky. He was luckier than most race horses because his owner made certain he would be retired into the LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society after his racing career ended. He was luckier still to have been adopted from there by Kim Wilson who provided him with an abundance of attention, kindness, and quality care.

Kim's photo album contains numerous pictures of Sargon enjoying life and creating healing experiences with people. After word about what happened to Sargon hit the internet, people who had benefited from their interactions with him sent Kim even more photos. These pictures and videos are testimony to a life full of richness and purpose.

Unfortunately, this is where Sargon's story takes an abrupt turn. Specific details cannot be published due to confidentiality and legal reasons, so Kim has provided her own account:

My horse Sargon was "rustled" from me in a very deceiving way. [In a] breach of trust he was sadly and unbelievably sold for meat by someone I believed was a friend and neighbour. I am devastated at the loss of my beautiful, gentle friend and how this could happen in Canada!! Sargon brought peace and love to many people as you see in the video [on the GoFundMe page] as he was a therapy/companion horse for the [six] years since I adopted him.


In [one] video you see a trick I taught Sargon, to pray for horses around the world, not knowing this would happen to him. He was not a riding horse, he was my companion, friend and a member of my family. 


... I believed he was going to be a therapy horse for a 72 year old man dying of cancer.

In spite of checking things out, visiting, written promises, witnesses to conversations, and visiting [again] they were able to do this even though I retained his ownership papers.

Sargon's Law is a facebook page aimed at addressing the gaping holes in Canadian regulations and enforcement around horse slaughter. Justice for Sargon is a GoFundMe campaign to help bring the people who illegally sold Sargon to trial and ensure their conviction. The complexities of the situation are confounding because proving fraud will involve a government agency not known for its responsiveness. The issues of ownership and loss, on the other hand, are civil matters.

Please read more about this story by visiting both pages. 

Sargon's Law

Justice for Sargon