You Are An Equestrian ACE If ...

  1. You want to belong to an equestrian association that focuses on the needs of the horse as much as it does on the needs of the equestrian.

  2. You are open to new ideas and seek the best information available on any subject.

  3. You want to engage with, and learn from, other equestrians who feel the same way you do.

  4. You believe that change is good and not something to be feared.

  5. You believe in your ability, and in the collective ability of like-minded equestrians, to make things better.

  6. You want to see more accountability and responsibility within the equine industry.

  7. You believe horses are more like partners, companions and friends than food.

  8. You disagree with the current industry position that supports the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

  9. You are willing to pay a small annual fee to ensure that your voice is heard within the equine industry.

  10. You want an equine liability package that will support your personal and competitive goals.

Partridge Horse Hill

Partridge Horse Hill is an equestrian facility in Pontypool, Ontario (central to Port Perry, Lindsay, Millbrook, and Oshawa). It is the home of the Natural Horsemanship Association and President Lindsey Partridge.

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